Frequent question: How do you peel and cut apples for pie?

Are you supposed to peel apples for apple pie?

peel your apples. … Unpeeled apples will add a bit of color and texture to your pie, but they may prevent the apples from melding together when baked. Peeled apples will give you a delicately soft pie with no tough surprises, but some people argue that you lose the apple’s nutritional value once the peel is removed.

Should I slice or dice apples for pie?

Fortunately, there’s no right or wrong way to cut apples for an apple pie. Peel the apples and slice them thinly if you’d like the apples to break down into a soft filling or leave them larger for a slightly chunky filling that’s great in your apple pie recipe.

Should I soak apples before making pie?

Letting your sliced apples soak in apple juice enhances the natural apple flavor and prevents browning. Choose the right apples. Tart apples like Granny Smith or Honey Crisp work best.

How do you keep apples from browning in an apple pie?

Water and Honey

Stir two tablespoons of honey into one cup of water and soak your apple slices in the mixture for 30 seconds. This works because there is a compound in honey that stops the enzyme responsible for oxidation. Additionally, this is one of the methods that will not unpleasantly alter the apple’s taste.

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How thick should I cut apples for apple pie?

First, you’ll need to peel the apples. Then, using a sharp knife, slice one side of the apple as closely as possible to the core. Repeat with remaining 3 sides. For every piece of apple, hold it cut-side down and slice evenly, about 1/4-inch (1/2 cm) thick.

What are the best apples to make apple pie with?

We especially love these varieties of apples for baked desserts and pie:

  • Granny Smith — Your standard, never-fails baking apple. …
  • Honeycrisp — Extra crisp and always holds firm after baking. …
  • Jonagold — Tart with a bit of sweetness. …
  • Braeburn — Crisp, sweet apples that hold up well in pie and other baked desserts.

How do you blanch apples for apple pie?

You will need to blanch the apple slices (once they’re peeled , sliced and treated). Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add 6 cups of sliced apples at a time to the boiling water. Cook for 1 minute, then remove and keep them warm while you finish blanching all the apples.

How do you peel apples without a peeler?

Use a knife

To core, cut your apple in half horizontally, then use a rounded-edge knife, like a butter knife, to cut around the core and pop it out of your apple half. You can also cut around the apple by resting it on your cutting board stem side up.

Can you peel apples by boiling them?

Just plunge the apples a few at a time into boiling water for 30 to 60 seconds, then transfer them to a sink or large bowl filled with ice water. The skins should just slip off when you rub them, though a bit might remain around the stem and blossom ends.

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