Where can I buy Ocean Potion sunscreen in Canada?

Do they still make Ocean Potion sunscreen?

Ocean Potion is a brand of sun-protection products from SolSkyn Personal Care and was launched in 1989 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company now operates out of Florida. Ocean Potion is all about skin health and a youthful appearance because Vitamin D3 is an important ingredient of its lotions.

Where is Ocean Potion sunscreen made?

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – For 2019, SolSkyn Personal Care, makers of Ocean Potion, NO-AD, and BullFrog, continues to bring innovation to the sunscreen category.

Why is Ocean Potion ever glow discontinued?

Answer: Ocean potion ever glow has been discontinued there for the increase in price and summer its on its way.

Who bought out Ocean Potion?

Sun & Skin Care Research LLC, a Cocoa-based company that makes the Ocean Potion, BullFrog and No-Ad skin care products, is leaving the region after its sale to an undisclosed Canadian company that plans to move manufacturing operations to a facility in Georgia, Florida Today reports.

Who bought Ocean Potion sunscreen?

After moving to Brevard, he started Ocean Potion in 1988 in a small building in Suntree. He quickly outgrew the Suntree space and moved the operation to Cocoa. In April 2012, DeAngelo sold most of the company, about 70 percent, to Source Capital, an Atlanta-based private equity firm.

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Who makes Ocean Potion sunscreen?

SolSkyn Personal Care, based in Orlando, Florida, manufactures and markets three well-known sunscreen brands — BullFrog, NO-AD and Ocean Potion.

Did BullFrog go out of business?

Molyneux had become an Electronic Arts vice-president and consultant in 1994, after EA purchased a significant share of Bullfrog.

Bullfrog Productions.

Logo used by Bullfrog throughout most of its lifetime, designed by Evie McLaughlin
Type Subsidiary
Founded 1987
Founders Peter Molyneux Les Edgar
Defunct 2001

Does Ocean Potion ever glow expire?

Answer: Ocean Potion Ever Glow Daily Moisturizing Lotion is designed to maintain already developed color or create a subtle summer color for light and medium skin tones. … Now ever glowing, healthy skin is yours to keep 365 days a year, TRY IT… YOU’LL LOVE IT!

Who bought BullFrog sunscreen company?

Cocoa, FL – Sun & Skin Care Research (SSCR, LLC) today announced that it completed the acquisition of the popular sunscreen brand Bull Frog from Chattem, Inc., a Division of Sanofi US.

Who owns no-ad sunscreen?

SolSkyn Personal Care is based in Orland, Florida, and is well known for its sun care products marketed under three brands – BullFrog, Ocean Potion, and NO-AD.

Does Ocean Potion have oxybenzone?

“The Ocean Potion® product line is almost completely made up of reef-friendly products if those interest you at all.” The ingredient Oxybenzone is not reef-safe but is not in the SPF 50 product. … You’re reef-safe with the SPF 50.