How do I thicken my Dona Maria mole?

Add one more cup of the broth along with the tomato sauce, chocolate, ground cinnamon, and ground anise seed. Stir well until the Mole paste has completely dissolved. Add more broth as needed, since the paste will get thicker as it continues cooking.

How do you use Dona Maria mole ready to serve?

Shake before opening. In saucepan, heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil, add Dona Maria Mole ready to serve to the pan. Bring sauce to a boil and heat for 2 minutes or until hot. Enjoy!

How do you reconstitute mole paste?

Start by adding the mole paste to your pot to reconstitute. Pour in triple the amount of liquid, chicken broth, or water. If you have 1 cup of mole paste, you will add 3 cups of liquid. You will be adding the remaining liquid during the cooking process.

How long does Dona Maria mole last in the fridge?

Leftover Dona Maria paste should keep for about six months in the refrigerator once opened, or up to a year in the freezer.

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How do you use mole powder?

How to Use Mole Powder. Moles are typically served with tortillas or rice and the thick mole sauce is served over turkey, chicken, and seafood but can also been used in beef, frog legs, and pork. Turkey is the most traditional use.

How long does mole paste last?

How long does an opened Mole jar last and how do I store it? You can store the mole paste it in the same jar and it will last up to 4 months in the refrigerator.

Is Doña Maria mole vegan?

I called Herdez, the company that manufactures Doña Maria, and they confirmed that there are no animal products used in this mole.

How do you dissolve mole paste?

Some cooks heat up broth with the paste to dissolve it. But to experience the explosion of mole essences, fry the paste first: Film the bottom of a pot with a neutral oil, heat it over medium-low until hot, then dump the paste, mashing and stirring to soften, heat through and wake it up.

How do you use La Costena mole paste?

Product of Mexico. To Prepare: In a saucepan, thoroughly mix 4 parts chicken broth to 1 part La Costena Mole. Stir constantly over low heat until heated through. Use to make more delicious your favorite meat dishes.

What do you put mole sauce on?

Ways To Serve Mole Sauce:

Some classics could include: Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, nachos, etc. The sauce can be drizzled over or baked into a number of classic Mexican dishes. Stuffed peppers: Mole poblano is one of my favorite dishes, made with stuffed roasted poblano peppers.

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Does Dona Maria mole go bad?

Yes it will go bad, i’ve bought from mayordomo and had a few bags pass the expiry date, when i opened them to cook they clearly went rancid 🙁 5.

Is mole sauce healthy?

According to the Institute of Medicine, mole sauce is an excellent source of Vitamin B, riboflavin, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and niacin. Chocolate is rich in flavonoids, helping to protect your cells and organs from free radicals, and it provides you with an energy boost.

How do you store mole powder?

Store this mole spice blend in a dark place for a week. Filter through cheesecloth and use as a snazzy homemade booze for savory cocktails. Ground chiles, paprika, brown sugar, spices, salt, cocoa powder, molasses powder (refiners syrup, cane molasses), granulated garlic, and silicone dioxide.

How do you reconstitute mole powder?

So if you get your hands on real dry mole powder, this is what you should do to reconstitute it to a sauce. In a pan on medium heat, heat two tablespoons of oil. Add one cup of mole powder and stir. Do so until you just start smelling the spices in the mole.

What color is mole?

A normal mole is usually an evenly colored brown, tan, or black spot on the skin. It can be either flat or raised. It can be round or oval. Moles are generally less than 6 millimeters (about ¼ inch) across (about the width of a pencil eraser).