You asked: How do you use peel away 7?

Apply Peelaway® poultice blanket over paste with printed side face out, rubbing gently to ensure good adhesion to the paste, pierce any air bubbles. Dwell time will be as determined by the test patch, between 1 and up to 48 hours depending on paint types, thickness and temperature.

How do you apply Peelaway?

Apply Peel Away paste 3 – 4mm thick, covering the surface evenly. If paint is very thick, or if there are many layers, then Peel Away may need to be applied up to 6mm thick. Completely cover the paste with the printed Peel Away laminated paper sheet and smooth out any air bubbles. ONLY use Peel Away paper sheets.

What’s the difference between Peelaway 1 and 7?

What is the difference between Peelaway 1 and Peelaway 7? The greatest difference in performance will be seen on very old paint systems. … This will allow the modern paints to be removed with Peelaway 7, followed by Peelaway 1 to remove the older paint.

How long do you leave Peelaway 1 on for?

Rub gently to remove air, pierce bubbles where necessary. Allow to stand from 2 to 48 hours, again this will be determined by the paint/coating type and thickness/number of layers.

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Does Peel Away 7 work?

Sometimes both Peelaway products will work equally well. In this case, we would recommend using Peelaway 7 as it does not require a neutralisation process. … This will allow the modern paints to be removed with Peelaway 7, followed by Peelaway 1 to remove the older paint.

Is Peel away any good?

5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent paint stripper – worth the money! Stripped about 20 odd layers of paint off 2 cast iron fireplaces with this. I think I slopped this on quite thick, so I needed about 1 and 1/4 tubs in total, but I am sure I could have done it with just one 5kg tub if I had been more economical with it!

Can you use cling film with Peelaway?

Answer: Cling film works pretty well with peel away 1.

How do you neutralize peel away?

6) After the surface has dried for 24hrs, the surface must be NEUTRALISED to return the surface to a neutral pH. The PEEL AWAY Neutraliser concentrate (acetic acid) is used for this purpose. 7) Dilute the Neutraliser in the ratio of 1 part Neutraliser to 2 parts water.

How do you neutralize peel away 1?

Rinse the surface after 30 minutes with clear water. For hard to neutralize surfaces, the Peel Away® Neutralizer may be left on the surface until dry. 6. Check the pH level of the surface with the litmus paper strips.

Is peel away safe to remove lead paint?

The Peel Away 1 Water-Based Paint Remover is safe and effective for use on old paint, particularly oil-based and lead-based paints, on many surfaces. … Capable of removing up to 30 layers of paint, including lead paint, in one go. It works most effectively if the paint has an organic first coat.

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