Where do estheticians work?

Most estheticians work at salons, day spas or skin spas, and medi-spas. But the salon isn’t the only place you’ll find an esthetician. Some estheticians work closely with dermatologists, either in the dermatology office or through a referral system. Your dermatologist may even have one on staff.

Where do most estheticians work?

Estheticians work in various settings, such as salons, spas, hotels, resorts, or medical offices. Regardless of the setting, they work indoors in clean surroundings with good lighting and ventilation.

Is an esthetician a good career?

While being an esthetician can be an emotionally rewarding profession, it also has its cons, and you need to know them early before pursuing this career. … If making people feel and look better is one of your life goals, this career can be a good start for you!

What industry do estheticians work in?

Become a Salon Esthetician

Salon estheticians work in spas or salons and are responsible for performing procedures like facials, body treatments, waxing, lash extensions, and more. These estheticians provide clients with valuable information about proper skincare, including product recommendations.

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What is the highest paying job in cosmetology?

Highest Paying Career Options in Cosmetology

Job Title Median Salary
Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist $106,920(2020)*
Skincare Specialist $36,510 (2020)*
Beauty Copywriter $53,246 (copywriters, 2021)**
Corporate Trainer $56,862 (2021)**

Are estheticians in high demand?

Estheticians are in high demand. The job outlook for skincare specialists is excellent for the 2020s: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that positions are growing at 17% between 2019 and 2029, a rate much more robust than the average job.

What are the disadvantages of being an esthetician?

Cons of Being an Esthetician

  • Numerous skin care establishments can increase your competition, driving away prospective clients.
  • Economic downturn can drastically affect whether or not people are willing to spend money they don’t have on their personal indulgences.
  • You may be required to bring in your own clientele.

What is better cosmetology or esthetician?

Estheticians are more focused on direct skin care. … If you are passionate about skin care and helping clients achieve their best skin, a career as an esthetician might be the one for you. If you are looking for a more creative and artistic career styling hair, nails, and makeup, cosmetology might be more your style.

What’s the difference between Aesthetician and esthetician?

Generally, estheticians focus on cosmetic treatments, and aestheticians’ roles are more medical. Due to this difference, aestheticians’ titles can also include medical, clinical, or paramedical. … The Texas Medical Board defines these treatments as medical, so only licensed medical professionals can offer them.

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How can an esthetician make more money?

How to Maximize Your Income Potential as an Esthetician

  1. Continue Your Esthetician Education.
  2. Sell Retail Products.
  3. Make Efficient Supply Purchases.
  4. Upsell Services During Booking.
  5. Avoid Undercharging Your Services.
  6. Charge More for Popular Time Slots.
  7. Maximize Your Income With StyleSeat.

How long does it take to become an esthetician?

On average, you can expect to spend around 600 hours over six-months for esthetician school, though some states require up to 750 training hours. You can explore specific training hour requirements based on your state board licensing requirements.

Who makes more money cosmetologist or esthetician?

A career in aesthetics could net you more money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2019 skincare specials earned a median hourly wage of ​$16.39​ compared to a median hourly wage of ​$12.54​ for cosmetologists, BLS notes.

Can you make a living being a cosmetologist?

Cosmetologists earned a median of $26,090 per year ($12.54 per hour) as of 2019. The lower-paid cosmetologists (in the 10th percentile) earned an average annual salary of $18,430, while higher-paid cosmetologists (in the 90th percentile) made an average annual salary of $51,870.

What should I study if I like beauty?

Find a career you’ll love and be good at by taking our accurate career test.

18 Exciting Careers for Beauty Lovers

  • Dermatologist. …
  • Eyelash technician. …
  • Graphic designer. …
  • Product developer. …
  • Spa owner. …
  • Beauty PR specialist. …
  • Nail technician. …
  • Hair stylist.