How many moles of K are in KCL?

How many moles of potassium are in KCl?

Take potassium chloride (KCl) for example. One mol of KCl is equal to 74.6 grams (from the periodic chart, the gram-atomic mass of potassium is 39.0 and that of chlorine is 35.5. Add together for the gram-molecular mass of 74.6).

How do you calculate the number of moles in KCl?

Multiply the number of atoms for each chemical multiplied by the atomic mass. Add up the results from multiplying the numbers to obtain the molar mass for the compound. For example for KCl, (1 atom X 39.0983 Potassium) + (1 atom X 35.453 Chlorine) = (74.5513 g/mol) which is the molar mass for KCl.

How many moles are in potassium chloride?

The SI base unit for amount of substance is the mole. 1 grams Potassium Chloride is equal to 0.013413582325191 mole.

What is the molar mass of K?

25122.4 = moles.

What is the percentage of K?

Mass percent composition of K = 35.62%

What is the mass of potassium K in kclo3?

Since 1 mole of KCl contains 1 mole of K (39.1g) and 1 mole of Cl (35.5g), the molar mass of KCl is 74 . 6 g/mol.

How many moles are in 74 g of KCl?

74g KCl = 0.99 mole of KCl (molar mass KCl= 74.6g)

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